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Sunsports prints millions of tee shirts each year that are sold into all retail channels. We work with some of the best brand, license, and specialty apparel companies in the country. We should be working with you!

With our cutting-edge processes and show-stopping work, we are your apparel embellishment partner every step of the way. Our service is unparalleled and we deliver on time every time. Simply put, we make things happen.


So fresh and so clean.

Located in Irvine, CA, the heart of the active lifestyle apparel industry, our ideas are fresh and the facility is clean, spacious and ready to meet your needs.


Hang with us.

We have a staff of team members who all work together to provide you with great service and unrivaled attention to detail. Our management team has over 100 years combined experience! Wow… time flies, doesn't it?


Consider the envelope officially pushed.

Innovation is the driving force behind our business. We love combining creativity and technology to turn your art into a wild success!

Screen Printing

Our equipment line up is extensive… and impressive! We have more than enough sample presses and auto-presses to satisfy your needs.


Digitizing is the secret ingredient to quality embroidery. Let us help you with this value-added service.


Try combining ink and thread and you'll be surprised what you can create!

Packaging & Distribution

There's no need to touch your product ever again – let us pack it and ship it for you. We act as your back room and can route to anywhere!

Above &

But wait…
there's more!


We can source and provide you a custom garment with our off shore supply partners.

Sunsports + Enova = Sustainability

We are committed to making eco-conscious apparel through the use of regenerated fabric processing. All of our products are designed to help reduce our carbon footprint while rivaling conventional cotton goods in quality and value. Learn more or check out our regenerated cotton swatch card!

Sunsports Resort

Our resort line will make you want to take that long overdue vacation! Check out our catalog!

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All art is not created equal

Load up your art to our FTP site and we'll do the rest. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how great we'll make your design look.


After all, business is business

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